Mr. Roger Gjerde has through his company Johama AS sold 60% of the shares in the company John Gjerde As.

Buyers of the shares are Mr. Bjørnar Kleiven (CEO) and Mr. Maron Sandvik (EVP Operations).

Since 1976, Roger has played a critical role in the development and success of John Gjerde AS. in connection with the management buyout he said: “I strongly believe todays management in John Gjerde AS is fully capable to develop the company further and take it to the next level.”

The sale is done as part of a long-term exit strategy, in which selling shares to the management of the company is one element – “management buyout”.

John Gjerde As is a supplier of tank ventilation equipment and innovative solutions for the global maritime industry. We are a part of the Norwegian maritime cluster with our main office in Gjerdsvika. The company has its own production facility in Lativa – Saldus Welding LLC.

From left to right: Roger Gjerde, Bjørnar Kleiven and Maron Sandvik.